Do running clothes come in that size?

Today at the gas station I was at the little kiosk paying and a lady came up to me – pointing to the 26.2 sticker on the back window of my car. She asks me, “who ran the marathon?” “I did”, I replied. You know, my car, my sticker – pretty standard stuff.

Then it happened.

The eyes enlarging, the mouth dropping open and then the insecurity-inducing stare down. She looks me up and down and focuses in on my gut, mouth agape in disbelief. “Oh really, great which one?”, she asks. “Oh gosh I don’t know there’s been many”, was my awkward reply even though I wanted to shout, “what the heck are you staring at?” She was nice enough and we talked for a bit about how fun running is. I tried to be modest and didn’t tell her of the 50K and 50 miler that I have also done though I did have to mention I just did a tough trail 25K and I have a 6 month old sleeping in the car.

Why is it so hard for people to believe that larger people can be active too? Size is NOT indicative of someones physical ability. I am a size 14 and I can run, I love to run. My friend is a size 1 and couldn’t run around her block.

And why or why do people feel the needs to stare someone down like that? She really did honestly seem like a nice woman but the staring at me up and down was so unbelievably obvious and rude I was shocked.

Yes they do make running clothes in a size 14!


To train or not to train….

Wow, I still remember how to create a new post – it’s been a while!

Beautiful sunshine on the start line.

Beautiful sunshine on the start line.

So I have learned that unless I have a race on the schedule it will be very hard for me to get going again. I let the busy of life take over. A few months back I registered for one of my favorite races knowing that I would need that push to get going after having Micah (3/25/13). Because let’s face it, giving birth to a giant baby boy and then having 2 babies under 3 to take care of, work, house, husband, church – life gets crazy and time for the trails gets left behind easily.

Come race day I was still very out of shape, my longest run had only been one 8 miler and it was rough. Still I was totally calm and NOT nervous. I know these trails well and LOVE them, I knew no matter what it would be a beautiful day. Well kinda. The weather was 90 and windy. Oh well, whatever.


Hey look there is Skinny Runner in the pink shorts and black tank. Oh and yes she finished her 50K before my 25K. Oh well, whatever.

It may have been hard, it may have been slow but it was still more than anything, fun! I enjoyed every step of it and surprisingly never had a low point where I wanted to stop or was wondering why I was there – that usually happens in every race. I knew God would show up and he did. I met some great people, had good conversations, was able to help a fellow runner who called me her angel and even helped a little kid push his bike up a big hill. So what if I got lapped by several of the 50K runners, I still finished my race.

1374378_10202126409302301_1908693262_n Next up is the Operation Jack Marathon on 12/26/13.

What is next for you? Have you ever done a trail race?

Free download

So I am continuing to move forward from that glorious kick in the butt to get moving that I had on Tuesday. Not gonna lie there has been some down time too – darn you Netflix. But I made some serious progress today! Entirely organized and cleaned out all of the kids clothes, time to transition out all 6 months clothes from Micah’s drawers, only 4.5 months old but solidly in 9 and 12 month clothes now. Tank.

Another “to-do” that has been swarming around in my head for months now is to create a daily schedule sheet so that I can stay more organized and prioritize my time. Doing stuff like this helps me greatly in being more productive. So I finally sat myself down and did it today, gee and it wasn’t even that hard. Seriously what is wrong with me? This task has been the back of my head for months stressing me out and I just kept putting it off for no darn good reason at all. Oh well, whatever – it’s done now.

And luckily my Mommy taught me to share so I would like to offer it as a free download. Hope you enjoy.

Screen Shot 2013-08-15 at 5.55.38 PM


Are you a list maker, box checker-offer?

It finally clicked…

And it’s not even a Monday…

I am sure there are others who can relate to this. You want to make some changes in your life – diet, exercise, new routines, organize, clean, start a new project, pray more, be a better mom, run, journal – whatever the list could go on and on. But somehow the day to day of making it from morning to night just keeps on clicking by. Then you find your self saying, “oh I will just start on Monday”, something about that clean start of a new week, and then that elusive Monday never really happens. Anyone? Or is it just me?

Well today may technically be Tuesday but something happened for me and it just clicked, hit me like a bolt of lightening as I was laying in bed about 5:30am and trying to get back to sleep. All of a sudden I was up and in the shower, picking up the house, making coffee, eating (something healthy…), and planning this blog post. The post I have put off for countless, never-happening Mondays.

There are many, many things on my list for that magic Monday but I am going to take the advice of a very wise and helpful man and take it one thing at a time.


I got these marbles and vases a long time ago but then got pregnant and hid them away, now they are back out. The concept here is the vase on the left is filled with the pounds I want to loose, as I loose a pound I will drop them into the vase on the right. A good visual motivator (other than that giant mirror in the bathroom – ugh). I plan to weigh myself once a week – on Monday mornings of course.

So this may not seem like that amazing of an idea, and really it isn’t. But what is amazing is that I am finally started, one of the many things swirling around in my head and waiting for that never arriving Monday morning has been done. That IS amazing.

What is on your “starting next Monday” list?










Circle Maker: 50 miles of prayers

Our church is just wrapping up an 8 week series on a book called The Circle Maker. It is all about prayer. I was so excited for this series and bought the book right away, we are even having a small group at our house.

Well the series is 8 weeks old and my son is 9 weeks old – anyone wanna guess how far I got in the book? Ya, not too far. Today I finally made time to sit and read some and I am so glad I did, it is a pretty powerful book.


A few weeks late but finally reading this great book.





Our prayer circles written on our sliding glass door. I love seeing these every day!!

We have seen some amazing things happen, lots of prayers answered and lots of circles still being prayed through. Though I have walked through this series that is now over I am excited to keep it going personally as I finally read the book.

At one of the first weekends our pastor handed out small cards with the circle graphics on it and asked everyone to write down their biggest, boldest prayer – pray big, pray hard. Then the courtyard of our church was transformed by large wooden displays with all of the cards pinned up, probably thousands of them. We were all then invited to wander around and pray over each others prayers.

Some were the normal that you might expect to see, “new job”, “help with debt”. Then some were hard to read, intense cries out for lost children and suffering marriages. Big bold prayers.

Now follow me thru this transition here…

Last year on Memorial Day weekend I had signed up for an ultramarathon by the name of Nanny Goat, it’s a one-mile loop course on a horse ranch out in Riverside. You join a big group of crazy fun runners and go round and round for 24 hours. My husband, not a runner, thought it would be fun to join me and went for it. He shocked himself by walking 32 miles in about 16 hours and loving it – the ultra community is pretty addictive.

So here we were approaching Nanny Goat this year and seeing as I was 8 weeks out from a c-section I was not signed up. Dale kept mentioning it and saying he wanted to do it again, keep in mind the last time he “trained” was at the race last year. So one day when he was out running errands I surprised him and signed him up, he was beyond excited.

Then the idea got planted in his head, he had the crazy idea of wanting to shoot for 50 miles, go big or go home. I jokingly said to him, “well you will be walking lots of prayer circles for sure”. Perfect idea. Our pastor Patrick went out into the courtyard and pulled down (at random) 50 of the prayer circle cards for Dale to take with him. This motivation filled Dale up like you wouldn’t believe, to know that he would be walking with someones heartfelt prayer card each and every mile filled him up to get those 50 miles.

So my husband, the non-runner who doesn’t workout set out on Friday night to camp in a horse barn out in Riverside with a bunch of ultrarunners. Saturday morning at 8am he set out on foot, circle after circle. Sunday morning about 7:30am he finished his 50th mile and 50th prayer card. He is forever changed from this experience and I am so proud of him.


As he came in from each lap he would write down the lap # and then tape the card up on the wall of his stall. That’s a lot of cards!


Ryleigh girl was very excited to go cheer on Daddy Saturday morning.


















Have you ever read the Circle Maker Book?

What is the farthest you have ever run?

Victories and Failures

Workout: Mama Shred – ugh those burpees. Slightly hoping for a run sometime tonight but not sure…

On Tuesdays I like to do a post called “Victories and Failures”. I think it is important to acknowledge your Victories and be proud of them. I think it is also helpful to address your failures – not to give yourself a hard time but so that you can learn from them and move on.


  • Did my MamaShred workouts
  • Mad good food choices today
  • Got some work done today


  • Terrible food choices on Monday
  • Totally lost my patience with the kids today, not cool
  • Need to be better organized with my time management

So my little man turned 2 months yesterday so of course I need to share some of his photos, love this face.

DSC_0025 DSC_0031 DSC_0011 DSC_0024

40 and back at it

Workout: 2 rounds of MamaShred workout

So yes it has been a LONG time since I posted but I am back at it and plan to make this blog a regular thing again. I kept putting it off cause I want to overhaul the design of it but I decided that will just have to wait and I can start posting as is.

Lots going on in my world. Micah was born on 3/25 and I turned 40 on 5/17. Big changes, challenges and blessings in our life. We had the first annual Limitless Women’s Conference at church. My sister and I launched our Spanish Shamrock site. Our family is expanding and growing as well as our hearts and our faith – some growing pains along the way but it’s all good.


Birthday hike with my two favorite tiny humans.


I think she likes being on trails as much as Mommy.


After the hike we met friends at the park.


Even Micah was enjoying his time at the park.


My great friend since high school, love her!


Such a big boy chillin’ at the park, he is usually either sleeping or crying so this was fun!


Someone was pretty worn out from all the activities of the day.


It’s the small gestures that really make me smile.


My sister not only brought lunch and visited after the park she brought fancy skin care and yummy perfume. Lucky girl!


Rounded out the day with take out from our favorite chinese place.


Victories and Failures

Celebrate your VICTORIES and be proud. Acknowledge your FAILURES so you can learn from them and move on.

- made a super yummy dinner last night, first time trying a new recipe

- was able to check off all my “to-dos” yesterday

- slowed down the pregnancy weight gain a bit

- staying on budget

- my house is a mess and laundry pile is high

- not super productive at work the last two days

- being lazy in appearance, sweats to work today, hair pulled back

- let the dog win the battle for Ryleigh’s bed



Hard to say no when He says yes…

So here is sit on a nice quiet Sunday evening kinda laughing at myself. What’s that saying? “Tell God your plans and listen to him laugh…”

I have a LOT going on in my life right now. Working full-time out of the home, with my toddler full-time (she comes to the office with me), 29 weeks pregnant, starting a new business with my sister, financial stress and budgets – trying desperately to figure out the balance of it all once I have a toddler and an infant. Like I said LOTS going on.

I learned from my Mom when to find your limits and that it is ok to say no if you are feeling pulled too thin. So when the small group we were leading in our home Thursday evenings came to an end I proclaimed “I say no, we will not be doing this again”. Makes sense with all that we have going on, right? Well about 5 minutes after I made that statement we get a comment on the church website of a sweet young couple needing guidance and looking to join our group. Ha, ok God we heard you I will gladly do one more 5 week session. Last night we had a meeting for the group leaders, on the way there I explain to my husband that this new 5 week session (starting Thursday) will be our last. No way, no how am I starting another group in our home during the last 5 weeks of my pregnancy and thru the birth and brining home of an infant. Then while we are at this meeting I feel myself getting inspired and excited as they start talking about the future plans for the small groups. As we are leaving I find myself explaining to my husband how we can make it work and to never mind my earlier comments, we will keep this thing going – thru all the crazy.

About 6 weeks ago one of our pastors mentioned how he was going to be pulling together a team to plan/organize/execute a new Women’s Conference at our church – a huge undertaking. I kindly replied that I would be happy to go to the first meeting but no way, no how would I be on the committee. I would be happy to design the logo but my commitment would end there, one small task and out.

Wanna guess what happened?

Ya. First meeting and I was so filled up and inspired with ideas of what we could make this be I dove in head first. Today was our second meeting and my heart was so full with creativity and passion about this event I was again inspired. So when our pastor pulled me aside after the meeting and explained that he felt I was perfect to be one of the leaders for this entire venture I didn’t hesitate for a moment – that no word was no where near my lips. Sure I will be giving birth right at the height of the planning phase and the event will take place right as I am preparing to return to work but, Oh Well Whatever – I’m in.

I just think it is too funny that I sit there and say “no, I am not going to take on too much” but then moments later I find myself motivated and inspired to take it on. Nobody is forcing me, pushing me, giving me guilt trips. I could have easily said no to everything and more and not feel any guilt. Problem is I think God has put other ideas on my heart and is pushing me forward.

So here I go. Wish me luck!

Super Sized Saturday

As all Saturdays should, the day started with a 30 minute cartoon and cuddle session – my favorite part of the weekend by far!

My favorite little cuddle buddy.

My favorite little cuddle buddy.

Amazingly hard to believe but I actually exercised yesterday and plan to go again today. Yesterday morning baby girl and I (and I suppose Micah was there too…) met Auntie Shannon in the back bay for a 3.5 mile walk. Honestly even this felt uncomfortable at times but by the end I felt good and so glad I went.

After the walk and Ryleigh went down for a nap and I was a good girl again and actually took the time to cook a healthy meal for lunch instead of eating something quick and junky – this felt amazing! My little sleeper was so enjoying her nap that I had to get her from bed and carry her directly to the car to keep on schedule. We had a super fun birthday party to go to. I was worried how she would do with all the big kids she didn’t know but within about 5 minutes she warmed up and had a blast. Best of all no “it’s mine” melt downs.

Took her about 30 minutes to finish that cute little cake pop.

Took her about 30 minutes to finish that cute little cake pop.

















Daddy was busy working up in Santa Maria so he couldn’t join us but luckily he got home right before us instead of the late 11pm he was thinking. We realized we had about 5 minutes to make it to the Saturday night service so we bolted – Daddy wanted to go fishing in the morning.


So glad we went. Patrick was speaking this weekend and had a great message to get us all started for the New Year. “Let go of the worries, wounds and wrongs in 2012. And remember to pray continuously, forgive consistently and receive Gods grace abundantly in 2013.“ I love this time of year and the feeling of hitting the restart button and feeling fresh and new with the years opportunities ahead of you.

Do you get excited with the New Year approaching?