Failures and Victories

Acknowledge the Failures so you can learn and move on. Embrace the Victories because you deserve the recognition.


  • baked cookies last night
  • gained a point this week
  • haven’t been working out
  • house is a mess
  • only ate 3 cookies last night and not 457 like I usually do
  • cookies are packed up and ready to give away at the office today
  • Just signed up for the Nanny Goat 24 hour race in May…
  • Also signed up for the PCRF Half Marathon in May with Team Gab
What have I learned this week from my Failures and Victories? I wont let set backs make me spiral out of control. I need to work hard to find my own Healthy Tipping Point. I was just reading her blog yesterday and she states is so well how I have been feeling. I always say I am waiting for that switch to flip in my head. I feel like I am always there – at the “tipping point” – at the end of my rope, totally and completely sick of it, watching myself want to be healthy and make the same bad choices time and time again. It is beyond annoying.
So race registration has been sent it. Clothes barely fit. I don’t have much of a choice I need to do this.

Random Ryleigh photo from a year ago...oh that face...I knew it so well.

One thought on “Failures and Victories

  1. Congrats on signing up for the Marathons!!!! You are awesome!!!! I will be there to cheer you on at the finish line :-) 24 hour race, eh? Boy oh boy…….if anyone can do it, you can!

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