Ghetto Fabulous

I currently live in an apartment, in Santa Ana, overlooking an alley. I like to joke and say I live in the ghetto now, after growing up at the beach in Balboa – it’s a bit different. But my point is there are plenty of great things about it as well – and tonight the fabulous part is our neighbors.

We have been lucky enough to meet some really great people here I am glad to call my friends. Some have moved on and we didn’t keep it touch but for the most part we have been really blessed with great neighbors.

Tonight as soon as I got home Joe and his little 3 year old Jackson came over to visit Ryleigh and share some of his monster trucks out on the patio. Then a little 10 year old girl Jackie has become good friends with all the little kids and she came over to play with Ryleigh which was a huge help while I got dinner ready. Soon another little girl Janet showed up and they were so sweet playing “office” in Ryleigh’s room with her.

Then after dinner I went downstairs to say hi to my husband as he was washing his car. Joe and Jennie were in their garage with their 2 little kids having a bit of a concert/dance fest. He has an electric drum kit set up with all the fancy stage lights, mics and great music. So we ended up hanging there for a few and Ryleigh had a great time dancing around. Such a random and fun evening.

So yes I could say poor me I grew up in Balboa and now live in Santa Ana. Or I could say boy am I lucky to have such great neighbors to help a random Wednesday turn into a wonderfully fun and simple evening. I truly believe we are where we are supposed to be at the given time for a given reason. Life is an ever evolving experience and you have to enjoy the steps along the way instead of always wanting to be at the end goal.

Gee….I guess the pregnancy hormones are on a positive push tonight….let’s hope this trend keeps up!

Another bit of fabulous to end the night with.

Victories and Failurs

Be proud of your victories and celebrate them. Acknowledge your failures to learn from them and move on.


  • 2 trail runs over the weekend
  • surviving hormonal mood swings pretty well
  • bills paid and account budgeted
  • no sunburn on the baby after a full day in the sun



  • could have been more productive this weekend
  • still need to focus time better at work
  • forgot sunscreen on me for my runs – sunburn!
  • went over budget this last week


Some photos from our fun-filled weekend!


Ryleigh girl actually had fun in the pool and only cried a few times.


She kept wanting to kiss the fishy in the blow up ball – so cute.


First try on the floaty ended in tears but after a while she warmed up to it and had a blast bouncing on it.


Labor Day out on the trails – can every Monday be like this please?


Ahhh….all is right with the world now!


You have any Victories or Failures to share today? 

A Perfect Day

Yesterday was one of those amazing days that all day long I just kept thinking, “this is a perfect day”! I was thankful and grateful all day long.

Any day that starts here is bound to be pretty near perfect!!!










I got up early and met my friend Daria for a little trail run in my most favorite place, El Moro (Laguna Beach, CA). We didn’t go too far or too fast since I am pregnant and she is recovering from her recent c-section (yes lots of pregnancy and mommy talk) but we had a great time. The weather has been beautiful here and it was one of those days were every 5 steps you are just overtaken by how beautiful it is out there. Seriously can not express enough how much I love this place, it melts my heart every single time I don’t think I could ever tire of going out there.

Then I did a quick wash off with baby wipes and changed into less dirty and sweaty clothes – I had more fun coming my way. I stopped off at Starbucks and decided to treat myself to a mani/pedi since there was a Happy Nails right next door. Great decision.

Left me just enough time to get to my hair appointment – at a real salon – with a real stylist! This is huge for me, I never treat myself to this kind of stuff. My hair had been to almost my bra line and driving me crazy. I never style it, it was dry and gross on the ends and always pulled back in a pony tail. Like dripping wet out of the shower, pony tail and that was all I did all day. Sad. So she chopped it all off and gave me a super cute short a-line bob. I love it.

When I got home Daddy and Ryleigh had just gotten home from a little outing and she went down for a really long nap. The next few hours were spent relaxing on the couch with sandwiches from one of my favorite little spots – Lil’ Pickle – and endless episodes of Friday Night Lights on Netflix.

When Ryleigh got up it was time to get ready and head over to The Crossing Church for the Saturday night service. The music was to die for last night, just amazing, good friends, great message from Patrick – just had so much fun.

Then we headed down to the Wedge to check out the giant waves coming in. I know it is crowded and a total tourist trap and it still kills me a bit every time I have to drive down there but I love to see the waves when they are like that. I grew up there on the same street as the Wedge and it’s just what you do. Little Miss Ryleigh did not like it too much though. When we got to the waters edge to join the big line of people and gasp at the giant waves she started to cry and beg for my arms. I picked her up and she calmed down for a moment but then sent us a very direct message – she blew kisses at the waves and said “by-by”, we got her point and headed out. I guess the intensity of the waves just scared her and she didn’t know what was going on. She was so cute!


Back at it…Still Here

When I get busy and overwhelmed it seems as if the blog is the first thing to suffer. Good news is everyone is fed, clothed and taken care of so not all has fallen apart.

Life has actually been good. Still dealing with some intense emotional issues with the hormonal surges of this pregnancy but it is getting better. Thankful for that!

We have been having some fun with a girls weekend with my sister and some more family adventure days. I will try and pull together some posts on that this week

I even made it out for a trail run this weekend and it was blast! Slow and easy with lots of girl talk along the way, it was a beautiful day and tons of people were out enjoying the trails, I loved it. Actually made it 5 whole miles, I was impressed!



In answering a question on someone else’s blog this morning I proclaimed my goals for the week as:
- go for a run
- make it to the gym at least once
- don’t loose my mind

Wish me luck!


How Honest is too Much?

Workout: walked 3.53 miles after work, warm

Lets face it I had planned on running but it was hot and I wasn’t feeling it. Then about .7 miles in I got a much needed call from my sister and the rest of the walk was a bit of a therapy session.

When I got back to my car and the much missed air conditioning, I was talking to my friend Julie and a topic I have thought a lot about came up. It seems in our fast paced world of social media everyone loves putting out all the little happy, shinny, perfect bits of their life. It is easy to see these posts, tweets, status updates and think to yourself, “man does everyone else just lived a charmed perfect life and I am the only one left behind?”

Pictures on Facebook of perfectly cute children playing in their beautifully clean and spacious living room, the beautiful bouquet of flowers husband send to the office just because, check-in’s at fancy restaurants for romantic date nights and so on – you get the point. Blog posts of busy working moms who seem to have 87 hours in one day to do it all and do so with a beautiful smile in a perfectly put together size 4 outfit. Tweets that resemble something like “my life is perfect”.

Now please don’t me wrong, I am not trying to be a Debbie Downer here. It is safe to say most of those posts are true and that is wonderful and it is nice to see people having great lives. I too have many wonderful things in my life and blessings spilling over – I am happy!

My point is this. Not everyone and not everyday is perfect. I just find it interesting the way things are chosen to be put out there. Let me demonstrate like this. I will write two posts below, both are exactly what has happened in my day. It is just a perspective of how honest do you choose to be. Do we have to be all shiny happy all the time and not let anyone see the scratches below the surface? Or can we be real and say, “hey ya I am blessed in many ways but man today was a rough one!”

My day today – version A
When I got up this morning Ryliegh was still sleeping, she has been sleeping thru the night since about 6 week old, I love it! I knew with this heat it would be rough cooking a hot meal tonight so I got on it quickly this morning and made a nice healthy salmon, veggies and rice for dinner and put it away in the fridge for this evening. When I got to work my friend Mandi was there, she comes in once a week to do our books so it was great to see her! I quickly got Ryleigh her breakfast, got us settled and into my work deadlines. Things are bit busy with my boss gone but we got it done and all went well. I was able to leave a bit early so that I could get over to the Back Bay to get a run in. After some relaxing play time, bath and bedtime for Ryleigh I just did a few things around the house and am now writing this blog post.

My day today – version B
I  overslept this morning and got the day off to a crazy rushed start. Our apartment is so grossly hot in this heat there is no way I can cook when I get home so even though I was running late I thru some food in the oven so we would have dinner tonight minus the heat. We got to the office a bit late and things were hectic, so many deadlines and my boss is still gone so I’m on my own. Did I mention how lucky I am to get to bring my toddler to work with me? I love that I don’t have to be away from her but man I am not going to lie, it’s hard and today was a rough one for sure! This stress is really getting to me. Then a client called and was riding me way too hard for a deadline and just not hearing me as I was trying to explain something to her. After I slammed down the phone I lost it, totally crazy hormonal lady crying at my desk. Ugh. My husband and I have been arguing over something the last few days, it will all be ok and work out as always but we are in the thick of it now so I knew I needed some stress relief. I left work a bit early and went to the back bay for a run but all I could muster was a slow walk. Worked out ok though cause I called my sister and unloaded all my crap on her – it made me feel better. Trying to feed Ryleigh was rough again, we are having some food issues – picky little girl. My husband and I get into it again but it was a calm discussion this time, still stressful but calm. My appetite is wacky and I couldn’t stomach the fish I had made this morning so I didn’t eat. When I was giving Ryleigh her bath tonight she decided to go poop so that was fun! Ugh. Oh ya and another insane, intense hormonal breakdown and cry fest – like crazy ugly crying. That was fun. Got some cleaning done, have a massive headache, going to bed.

Which version do you like better? Believe both are exactly what happened today? It’s all about perspective. How real is to real? 

Family fun adventure day


Workouts: Not much, did manage to get a 4 miler in on Wednesday of last week. Between the heat and feeling kinda dizzy lately I have been taking it easy.

So Ryleigh is super into this show on PBS called Dinosaur Train, LOVES it! We heard they were having a big special event up in LA at the Natural History Museum so of course it was a must for our Saturday plans this weekend. So glad we went, she had a great time!

Other than that the weekend was basically a lazy, hot kind of thing. I tried to get out to the park after church on Sunday but it was so hot the only thing we could do was chill under a tree in the shade. Of course Ryleigh wanted to play on the play set but there was no shade and it was just melty hot.


In LA – USC to our right and the museum to our left. Getting excited!


Melting in line outside.

They were smart there, had tons of volunteers offering that if you purchased a membership on the spot they would bring you directly inside. The line was moving quickly though so we passed on that idea. They did have everything very organized and prepared for the big crowds which was nice.


So massive and so amazing.

Ryleigh is sitting on my lap as I type this post and she just got super excited when she saw these photos and is making big “rawr” dinosaur sounds. She loves them, so cute.


Three T-Rex displays that show a baby, teenager and adult and showcases how quickly they grew. Amazing exhibit.



She is in love with Buddy the T-rex and got super excited to go take her picture with his cut out. There was another section of the event that had a big “real life” character you could take a photo with but of course that line was huge and outside in the heat so we skipped it – I don’t think she cared much. She kept running up to Buddy and pointing out his nose and eyes and would run along the whole step and repeat background pointing out each Dinosaur Train logo.


She loved all the interactive screens


Kinda scary

We tried to get her to walk across the cool section of the floor where they had tracks that you could compare your feet to. The whole odd perspective of walking above that on the clear plastic floor really freaked her out and she kept sitting down.


Ryleigh’s view from the car seat.


What was your favorite show/character growing up? Did you like dinosaurs? 

A 50/50 Weekend

 Workout: 4.34 miles on Saturday and that was it, need more!

So this was on of those weekends that started out great and then came crashing down for a super sucky day yesterday. It’s ok though, I’ve got it all in perspective, at least it good on Saturday!

So as I have mentioned I am discovering that I really need to workout for my mental health right now. The extreme emotions that come with the hormonal rush of early pregnancy are taking their toll on me big time. Problem is extreme exhaustion also comes with pregnancy along with working full-time, taking care of a toddler full-time and other life stuff thrown in – many days the workout is getting skipped. Also it just feels weird cause my brain has been so programmed to workout to “loose weight” it feels weird to push myself to get a workout in when I am tired and I know I am not trying to loose weight right now. Gotta change that mindset. So all that babble to say I got out for a run on Saturday and it felt great!

Pre run fun in the sand and on the slide












I drove down to Balboa to run on the boardwalk, one of my favorite spots. First I took Ryleigh to the playground at Newport El. and had some fun. Then it was perfectly timed for her nap and my run. Well run/walk/pee/talk on the phone but still out there moving, it felt great – so what I needed!

Not sure what is happening here, I think it is a tourist tour thing.
















Not fast but still fun!













When I got home I took a quick shower and we were off to Irvine Park to take Ryleigh on the train, to the zoo and have a fun picnic lunch. She is sorta extremely obsessed with the show Dinosaur Train so we kept telling her we were going on the Dinosaur Train and singing the song. She seemed a bit confused but pretty excited. I was a bit confused and paid $4 for a ticket for her even though under 2 is free, oh well whatever. Oh and the ENTIRE train ride there was a little girl in front of us screaming her head off, kicking, screaming, crying, punching – full on loosing her mind.

So excited in line for the “Dinosaur” Train
















Can someone please take my ticket and let me on this train?!?!?!












On the train!
















We were all starving for our big picnic lunch.












So much fun at the zoo. Ryleigh would get all excited and jump for Daddy to pick her up at each gate. She caught on pretty quick that there was cool stuff to see.













Finally got my fix for my Wingnuts craving. Good but just not the same without the beer….













So ya Saturday was great!

No photos of my crappy Sunday it was just me cleaning all day and my husband and I bickering at each other and just a moody, yucky day. House is clean though.

How was your weekend? 

Workouts: haven’t worked out since Sunday and it’s not good for my mental health – need to do something tonight!

Though I haven’t gained any weight as of yet I feel and look like I have gained LOTS. I had forgotten how much bloating is involved in the first trimester! And I think I have what my sister-in-law refers to as “memory foam”. Though it is  too early to actually be showing, my tummy (that was already big) seems to remember where it’s going and already popping out more than it needs to at this point. Oh well, whatever healthy growing baby is all that matters and I will just have to do my best to ignore people staring at my huge stomach!

Ok back to crazy deadlines, boss is on a 2.5 week vacation again. Just me and Ryleigh at the office.

Hope everyone is having a great day!

Monday Check-in…kinda…

Weekend Workouts: Saturday I did an easy (big on the easy…) 4.63 miles and Sunday I did 10 minutes on the stairs then 20 minutes on the treadmill.

Weigh in: Not going to be happening anymore…see below.

We had a nice regular kinda of a weekend. Got up early Saturday and headed down to Newport to run on the boardwalk and then I took baby girl to the bay beach I grew up at to play in the sand, I think she really liked it. Still not a fan of the cold water. Even got to visit with a good friend I hadn’t seen in a long time so that was nice. The remainder of the weekend was spent with the regular stuff of church, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping and getting ready for another crazy work week. I know, so exciting.

Well, “why no more weigh ins” you ask… Because I am pregnant! Weight will be going up, not down and I don’t feel the need to worry about it until after this next baby is here so not concerned at all with the scale. So obviously my daily concerns are on growing my healthy baby and the rest is just extra stuff at this point.

Though I do hope to keep up working out as it helps greatly with my sanity and ensures the safety of those living with me. But I am not going to push it if I am exhausted or busy, just try my best to fit it in when I can. Like tonight I am busy so instead of going crazy to fit something in I am going to let it go. Still early on in this pregnancy and the exhaustion part is intense, when I am tired and just done and NEED to rest.

So no weight loss reports, no race reports and lots of growing baby reports coming to Oh Well Whatever!

Off to search for double Bob strollers on Craigslist….


Stinkier than BO!

Workout: Last night: 33 minutes on stair climber, 11 minutes on treadmill (fast walking at a good incline)

I managed to make it to the gym again after work last night, 2 days in a row – I’m on a roll!!! I really need it for my sanity and safety of loved ones I live with! Not sure if I can make it tonight but we will see…

So I was minding my own business on the eternally rotating stair case shoved way back in the farthest corner of the cardio room. Just me and my iPad – step, step, step – you get the idea. Then this girl got on the one next to me and was speaking VERY loudly to her boyfriend, like practically screaming, hopefully he will leave soon and all I will hear is the humming of the machines. No such luck, he now gets on the one next to me. They continue their extremely loud conversation screaming back and forth as they try to lean towards each other – thru me! I like my personal space and they were so in it. To make matters worse it was a foreign language so I couldn’t even listen in for fun and of course I started getting self conscious that they were talking about me. Issues, I know.

This is where it gets even worse. Apparently the guy had taken a long soaking bath in cheap cologne. It was so gross I almost stopped but I didn’t want him to ruin my workout completely. I even had to cover my nose a few times with my hand. So gross.

Do you have any gym horror stories?