Another Crazy One

Workout: um does not jumping out the window at work count?

As I had predicted today was again another crazy busy day at work, though I did leave at 5:30 I have been on my email most of the night. The sad truth is that instead of going for a nice long trail run tomorrow morning on my “day off” I will be getting up early and going in to work.

Nobody is forcing me but I just can’t let it all hang and not get done, it’s not how I am built. The amount of things that need to be done buy Thursday just can not happen by me alone and with my boss gone that’s all there is. I have tried to train Ryleigh but she just smashes the keyboard and swipes the screen wondering why it doesn’t work like her iPad.

I plan to take off by 2 at the latest and still make it to our friends pool BBQ party so not all fun will be lost. Hopefully I am very productive and these deadlines start to go away!

This cute little face makes the stress melt pretty quickly though so its all good!


This is what I’m supposed to do with an apple, right?


How does my hair look?


Mmmm…so juicy and sticky…I love apples.


Daddy taught me were the camera button is on the iPhone. This is my first photoshoot and I figured out how to click the button for forward facing camera.


Click. Click. Click….


I just love taking photos of myself!

Late Monday Check-in

Workout: worked non-stop til 9:30pm tonight so ya, nothing
Weight: back up 2.7 to 200.1, I knew that loss last week was just all water weight from being so sick

Crazy day at work, my boss just took off for 2.5 weeks and there is a MAJOR project due tomorrow so ya today was beyond busy. It’s all good though, baby girl was good and graphic design is not a life or death industry so that perspective helps me not freak out too much.

I think this week will continue on the crazy train but thankfully we have Wednesday off so I know I can get a run in then before we head over to our friends house for a pool/BBQ party! So excited!

Hope your day went better than mine and your scale didn’t move the way mine did! Good night.


A Truck Load…

A truckload of bad decisions here. Oh well, whatever.

My week has been crazy with busy days at the office (let’s not forget with a toddler), husband gone all week, and…oh what that is just normal life and I have no real reason to complain?

Ya time for me to suck it up basically. The plain truth is I have let myself get totally out of control this week and not make good decisions. Crappy food and lots of it, watching tv, drinking wine and skipping workouts – NOT how I want to be spending my evenings.

Ok pointless, pathetic, personal whining session over.

Good things of the week:
Got to hug my husband tonight
Spend everyday with my baby
Got to meet my friends new baby girl at 1.5 days old
Got to see my sister and good friends

Wednesday night we met up at the fairgrounds where once a week they have a collection of food trucks gather for dinner service. I had never been, never done the food truck thing and had no idea what to expect. It was pretty cool, way more crowded than I had expected, so glad we went.




How Quickly Things Change

Workout: nothing…

So last night I made all the right choices, healthy lite dinner, water, workout, reading and relaxing. Give myself a grade of a big solid A!

Tonight is more like an F and that was graded on a curve. My perfectly easy baby girl was in bed easily by 8 as always and I had every opportunity to either get in a good workout or take care of some freelance work responsibilities. Instead I ate an indulgent dinner, drank some wine and plopped my butt on the couch to watch the Bachelor.

Oh well, whatever.

This afternoon was kinda fun though cause little Miss Ryleigh got to be a star in a photoshoot for work. She was a true professional even though it was blazing hot on the side of the freeway and right at her afternoon nap time. She was getting upset and crying moments before we finally got started. I had to hand her off to “model mom” who she had just met and she was perfect. Waving and smiling at the camera like a true professional. Proud Mommy!


What grade do you give yourself for this Tuesday?

Monday Morning Weigh-in

Workout: Schedule looks to be demanding a rest day but I will try and squeeze something in and update later Yeah me! I was able to squeeze in 20 minutes on the spin bike and 2 Tabata rounds – not the biggest workout in the world but better than wine and chocolate on the couch!

Weight: 197.4 // Down 3.6 // 47.4 to go

First off, I am finally feeling human today, thank God! I had not been feeling well basically all week and was at the end of my rope, was still pretty sick this weekend too. But thankfully the massive headache and spacey/dizzy/out of it feeling is gone. Tummy is a bit off but not anything like last week so I’ll take it!

So though I am super excited about the weight loss I am a realist and know it is just because I was sick, but I will gladly take it and run with it.

Speaking of running… This week will be a bit difficult to fit in workouts since my husband is gone all week taking care of our friends house/dog while they are on vacation. Plus I have my womens group at the church tonight and that meeting we went to with the pastor for Dale’s group last week – ya it was supposed to be this week. But I am committed to make an effort at the workouts while still not letting it stress me out if it doesn’t happen.


Big Girl Party Time! Watching my friends girls on Saturday afternoon, love Ryleigh having other kids to play with.



Sweet girl loves her Elmo.


Someone got a her very own bean bag chair and a new Cookie Monster.

I Got the Lindsay Lohan Sickness

Workout: Unscheduled, I feel like crap rest day.

No I didn’t crash my car or steal any jewelry, saving that for next week. Apparently the reason I have been feeling like complete crud for the last week is severe dehydration – which seems totally weird to me since I am obsessed with my giant Starbucks tumbler. She said she thinks it was a virus that is now working its way out and I am just feeling the affects of the dehydration now. I have felt tired, nauseous, and massive headache all week, driving me crazy!

So rest, drink, try to force myself to eat and repeat. That is what I am working on today. I never thought forcing myself to eat would be so hard. Seriously almost cried when I went to the store after the Dr. and all I wanted to do was curl up and go to sleep but I knew I had to pick out some food.



Thoughtless Thursday

Workout: rest day – unplanned 3.5 mile walk with baby girl

EDIT: I was able to make it out for a 3.5 mile walk after work, better than nothing! Now we are hanging out at out church waiting for a meeting with one of the pastors, it’s part of a men’s group that my husband is involved with. We are loving this church!




























No great profound thoughts for today. Still feeling yucky with my tummy and head. Might try for a brisk walk after work but not going to claim it on my above workout listing until it actually happens.

I am trying to be productive but my head is spinning and I can not focus: oh well, whatever

My baby will not eat anything I offer her lately and wants to live off of sweet fruits only: oh well, whatever

I have been trying to be good for the last few days and feel like I should wake up 50 pounds lighter each morning. I haven’t: oh well, whatever

Once again I went to work with no make-up on, hair slicked back in a pony tail and my funky trail runner toes exposed in flip flops: oh well, whatever

I have had a headache for 4 days and want to cry: oh well, whatever

I am trying to keep up with this blog but I think only my sister reads it (hi shannon): oh well, whatever

I am broke, again: oh well, whatever

I have a trail marathon, 50K and 2 50 milers on my wish list for the next year. I could barely run my 4 miler on the trails the other day: oh well, whatever

I have 4 hours left in my work day and I want to curl up for a nap in Ryleighs crib: oh well, whatever

So please share, what is your Oh Well, Whatever moment of the day?



2 Days, 1 Post

Tuesday Workout: 4 miles, slow on trails in El Moro, my happy place
Wednesday Workout: Might try for some stretching/abs later today but pretty much a rest day.

So yesterday my lovely husband got off work early and surprised me by picking up Ryleigh so I could finish out the work day all by myself. This also means I was able to go for a trail run all by myself without a stroller. It would have been perfect to knock out a good solid 8 miles and really push it. Ya, not so much….

I have not been feeling well for the last several days, basically feel like I have the most insane day-after-your-21st-birthday type hangover. But I sucked it up and got out there anyway, it was slow but I was happy I went. I LOVE El Moro and am happy at any chance I get to run there.



We had a nice casual boring night at home and in bed early to read my Born to Run book and pass out. And yes I know I am way late to the party on reading this book, I never claimed to be hip or cool. Man I sure wish I could stay awake longer and read more, it is so good!

Today has been pretty uneventful. Ryleigh has been just as cranky as me and sleeping lots, like wanted at nap at 9am right after we got to the office and is sleeping again right now.

Lunch time did get pretty exciting and messy though….


So I am winding things up here and going to go home for another mellow evening at home and pray that I wake up feeling wonderful tomorrow. And hopefully make it to the gym in the morning cause we are busy after work tomorrow. Dont want to have 2 rest days in a row.

Monday Start Again, Again

Workout: Jillian video #6 @ 5am / 2.5 miles @ 5pm
Weight: Can’t really recall the last weigh in date/amount so no up/down to report: 201 lbs.

Yup the same old story, I have not been focused at all and am trying to get going on this being healthy kick again. I am super busy and stressed but wanted to at least start posting something. Hope to be on a regular schedule with everything soon. This week I am focusing on making good food choices, not wasting money eating out and doing some form of working out every day.


My new alarm title on my cell phone. This should work. Oh except for the fact I had it set for 5PM....


Just another cute one of my favorites on Father's Day. He had a great day ; )


Baby & Momma breakfast.

Just Breathe…

Workout: nothing…

I feel funny starting my posts with the workout headline when I have nothing to add but I hope to have something to add daily so I am sticking with it for now. And honestly it stings a bit when I have nothing good and productive to put up there so that works.

Ever have that feeling like you are on the edge? Just need to get away and get your head straight? Feeling overwhelmed and need to recharge? Need some guidance and direction? Need to hit the restart button? Looking for a revived energy and spirit in your day to day life? Anxious to continue growing into the best possible you? Excited for what the future may hold?

Ya me too!

Thankfully I have the perfect solution for that this weekend. I signed up to go on the women’s retreat with my new church. They are calling it BREATHE. To say I am excited would be a huge understatement.

I was a little shy to sign up since we are new to this church, it is pretty large and I don’t really know many people. Plus I have never done anything like this, but I still really wanted to go and see what this experience has to offer. Thankfully my sister thought it would be fun too so she agreed to come. Then to make it even more perfect I won a raffle for a free registration worth $290 so I was able to gift that to my sister, so amazing and meant to be!

Oh and did I mention it’s at the Miramonte Resort and Spa? This place is gorgeous and I am so excited to get away with my sister.

Have you ever gone on a church retreat like this?